WPF3DFramework - Planned Release Revision 2

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Updated: Feb 21, 2008 by JesusSalas
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Release Notes

This next revision has a lot of changes and features, here is the list, (is not closed), actually I'm working on Drag & Drop, once finished revision will be public.

Deadline: 1 march
  • New Features on UIElement3DBase
    • Contraints Collection prop.: Enforce constraint on control movements (Traslation, Rotation, Position Maximum/Minimum)
    • VisualTreeParent prop: Defines paret-child Visual Tree relatioship (Composite control)
    • SpatialTreeParent prop: Defines parent-child spatial relationship (Linked elements/controls)
    • Click is now MouseClick
    • new SceneAdded event handler
    • new SceneRemoved event handler
    • All events handler are Routed with Bubble strategy
    • Childrens collection prop. available (sum of Spatial and Visual tree)
    • SpatialChildrens collection prop. available
    • VisualTreeChildrens collection prop. available

  • New Classes:
    • Constraint : Constraint definition
    • ConstraintsCollection
    • Control3D: class to derive Controls (wiithout visual representation), support for Drag & Drop
    • ReferenceFrame: class to use as a joint between elements or a pivot point in space
    • SpatialDistributorBase: A base class to support implementations for generate Spatial Distributions ( generally points in space using some pattern, cicurlar, cylindrical, planar)
    • CircularSpatialDistributor: Computes series of coordinates in circular shape
    • PlaneSpatialDistributor: Compute series of coordinates in a 'grid' shape
    • TextBillBoard: a billboard designed to contain text, improved automatic size calculation
  • Improvements
    • Scene.AddToScene/Scene.RemoveScene raises events on elements
    • Scene reroute key handlers from Window removed, not needed now.
    • Behaviours collection new this indexer access by string
  • Deprecated
    • Billboard Text property removed.
  • Sample1:
    • Recoded for clarity
    • Improved comments and guidance.

I just opened a Discussion Thread, just in case you want to propose features to be supported on Framework.